Who would believe in a policeman suffering from panic attacks so severe that he is afraid to approach any scene of the crime? Who would believe a single mother who is not able to pay his mortgage or control her rebellious teenage daughter? Indeed, nobody believes that this woman has discovered a serial killer …

Personal dramas and a mystery surrounding a murder case are being held today in Budapest, where the demonstrations of a new angry generation are part of the pre-election life of a city; where the historical past and recently haunts his people, leading to hidden and terrible crimes. It’s a city where nothing seems fair and true, except for an emotionally unstable policeman and her daughter who wants to know who her dad really is.

The film won the Volkswagen Award at the 32nd Braunschweig International Film Festival in Germany. He had the world premiere at the Warsaw Film Festival in 2018 and the USA was launched at Chicago IFF 2018.

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