The Neighbor 2018

Scott and Jenna form a young couple and decide to move to a good neighborhood in a home with a pool. Scott is a car dealer and boasts his new Corvette, while Jenna is a housewife and is trying to figure out what to do with her future by attending yoga classes. Their neighbors are Mike and Lisa, a second-age couple, he is the author of technical manuals, and Lisa is a teacher at the local school. Their marriage stagnates, and Mike goes through the middle age crisis when Jenna moves into the next house. Mike and Jenna begin to approach, united by the passion for gardening, and Jenna tells her her concerns about an abusive husband, with excess of uncontrolled rage. The relationship reaches another level when Jenna passionately kisses Mike and makes him ask questions. From now on, she will try to intervene between Scott and Jenna when quarrels are taking place between them, and the last of the quarrels ultimately has tragic consequences for all the characters involved.

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