Step Sisters

Jamilah has all her arranged and planned life. She is the leader of the community of blacks in college, the captain of the champions of the team, the link of the students with the college dean, and her next move is the Harvard Law School. Jamilah has everything, right? However, when the white girls, the squabbles of the “Sigma Beta Beta” team put the school in a bad light, Jamilah must save the situation. Her mission is not only to change the image of SBB girls, but also to teach the young girls how to dance step, and to win the “Steptacular”, the most competitive dance competition in the world. With the reputation of SBB girls in the spotlight, and Jamilah’s dream of following Harvard’s right to peril, this stray group and their hesitant teacher are hampered by a series of continuous hilarious mistakes. Cultures collide, romance blossoms, and sorrow triumphs as everyone leaves the comfort zone.

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