Set It Up

Assistants of the two corporate managers Rick and Kirsten plan a plan to hook up their bosses. They think that the atmosphere in the office could be a little more relaxed.
The acting of the very young, darling, very beautiful and promising American actress Zoey Deutch in the role of Harper, but also of the young actor (29) Glen Powell in the role of Charlie, alongside mature Asian actress Lucy Liu (49 (Kirsten Stevens), it’s definitely NOT the SUPERIOR of the scenario and the badly directed directories involved in chaining an action with far too many obvious evasive evils especially in the first two thirds of the movie. Sin.
In conclusion I note this comedy with a score of about 6,4-6,5 and 6 stars CU PLUS, appreciating EXCLUSIVELY the acting performance IN SPECIAL of the very promising young actress Zoey Deutch

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