Racetime – Snowtime 2

The Racetime is the continuation of the success of 2015. It is an adventurous journey, with trials and failures, but also with the joys of the little victories of childhood.

When organizing the most spectacular toboggan run in the small town, Frankie-Patru-Ochi and his team, having Sophie at the helm management, think that they will defeat their competitors, that is, the team of newly-arrived Zac, mysterious and dirty, and his athletic cousin Charly. But the fantastic sleigh designed by Frankie disintegrates just before crossing the finish line. It is a bitter loss for Frankie, who refuses to accept that he has made constructional mistakes. Together with his friends, he manages to prove Zac cheated during the race.

Frankie asks for the race to be repeated, and Zac accepts that Frankie will build a new racing track. Frankie and his friends build a spectacular track. Zac realizes he faces a strong opponent, so he raises the stake, making Frankie beat the barn.

The two teams are starting preparations, and Zac is even more determined to scam without scruples to bring victory to his camp. But Frankie and his team have some surprises for him, who might tilt the balance in an unexpected direction.

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