With a fuzzy turn, Overboard focuses on Leonardo (EUGENIO DERBEZ), a seductive and seductive seducer, who is part of Mexico’s richest family and Kate (ANNA FARIS), a single mother who barely she lives with her three children.

Kate is committed to maintaining cleanliness on Leonardo’s luxurious yacht until he is fired unjustly by him, who, moreover, refuses and pays what he owes. Soon after, Leonardo falls overboard during a heated party and wakes up the next day on the shore, suffering the most acute form of amnesia. Kate appears at the hospital and, to pay her, convicts Leonardo that she is her husband and puts him to work for the first time in his life.

At first Leonardo is unhappy and lean, but slowly he starts to do it. Eventually, Leonardo earns respect for his new “family” and colleagues. But Leonardo’s real family of billionaires is desperately looking for him. Meanwhile, the danger of Leonardo suddenly returning to his memory is floating in the air. The question is: will Leonardo stay with his new family, or will he put the clues together and leave them forever?

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