A psychological thriller based on the Borden family scandal, Lizzie (2018), follows the story of Lizzie Borden, a notorious woman in the midst of one of the most durable mysteries in America’s history. 1892: Stubborn Lizzie Borden lives with her rich father, sister and stepmother, in Fall River, Massachusetts. An unmarried 32-year-old woman, Lizzie lives in accordance with the strict rules established by her dominant father. When Bridget Sullivan, a young immigrant maid, is employed by the family, Lizzie finds in her a related spirit and a different approach. Their friendship begins with hidden communication and a community that evolves in an intimate relationship. Meanwhile, tension is growing in the Borden house, and Lizzie’s claustrophobic existence is becoming more and more oppressive and abusive, which inevitably comes to a point. After a life of loneliness, Lizzie finds a related spirit in Bridget Sullivan, and their secret intimacy causes an inconceivable act. Lizzie (2018) explores the days that led to the savages of crime, in a dark story about discharging, exploiting and destroying dreams.

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