Ideal Home

Ideal Home (2018) follows the story of a homosexual couple who has to deal unexpectedly with the rise of a ten-year-old boy. The famous Erasmus chef and his partner Paul have a happy and extravagant life together. Erasmus is a demanding and popular celebrity, while Paul is his hesitant partner and associate. Their perfect life is overturned when, at a party, Erasmus is surprised by the appearance of his nephew, Bill, whose existence he did not know until now. With his father in prison, it seems that the boy has no place else to go, so after many debates, they decide hard to take care of him. With changes and challenges on both sides, this could be a recipe for disaster. Despite the difficulty of incorporating into their lives a child they never wanted, Bill is becoming more and more enjoyable by the two. Neither Paul nor Erasmus are ready to give up their extravagant lifestyle to be parents, but maybe this little kid will learn a few things about family value.

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