Hell Fest

In 1974, with only $ 30,000, Tobe Hooper was able to create one of the most memorable horror films of all time, The Texas Chain Saw Massacre, and emblematic to make a dexterous character killing in series, wearing a mask on his face. Hell Fest. The horror park, running for the first time on our big screens, borrows from the iconic Leatherface the mask, invincible aloud, almost superhuman and compulsion to kill.

A serial killer’s backstory does not exist, unfortunately, in the horror banned under the age of 18 running now on our big screens. But a final twist gives explanations about his nature, which – during the movie – we can even suspect it supernatural (the character does not make any sound throughout the movie).

The scriptwriter’s success lies in using the horror park context to resort to quiproquo – who is the serial killer under the mask and who is just a costumed employee of the amusement park? Besides, the employees’ uniform from “The Train of Terror” provides a mask identical to the one used by the killer. Confusion will bring terror among teenagers and helplessness among law enforcement. The young irony in the group is the one who will survive unharmed until the end.

The six screenwriters who have worked on the film have also caught a moment of black humor with a guillotine that does not work well. Victims are younger than 20 and a few years old (adolescent behavioral students), creepy entertainment lovers in the fun park. Girls have the same behavioral pattern – they are facing the big, furious, masked guy. Nothing in the data of these schematic and clicheistic characters invites compassion for their destiny.

Hell Fest combines several elements from the recipes of horror subgenres. If the title leads to monsters in hell, the movie remains in the slash category without supernatural elements.

Director Gregory Plotkin, who has a great experience in editing, uses close-ups to make the claustrophobic moments of the film slick.

Narrally from a narrative point of view, horror gathers moments of horror, but through repetition and similitude they get bored quickly after they get you upset.

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