Father of the Year

Father of the Year (2018) follows the story of two graduates returning to their hometown, where a question causes total chaos: which of their fathers would be victorious in a fight?

Ben and Larry return to their hometown, where they debate under the influence of alcohol and purely hypothetical, the father of whom would beat the other, a question that only one father is eager to answer. When Wayne, a deceived father, finds that his son thinks he will lose in a hypothetical fight with his friend’s father, he does what a reasonable father would do in that situation: he challenges the other father to a real fight. Wayne wants to be the best father in the worst possible way. When the debate of the two friends is taken seriously, things go awry: jobs are lost, ruined relationships, destroyed future, and middle-aged men are overwhelmed. Under these circumstances, the best friends face with their parents as they begin to look at the world with the eyes of adults.

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