Elliot the Littlest Reindeer

When one of Santa’s reindeers suddenly announces that he is retiring, it is urgent to find a replacement! Although he is the most inappropriate candidate, Elliot, helped by Hazel, his best friend, is firmly committed to proving to the world that he is the “renal” who must be part of the Santa’s team.

So Elliot and Hazel head to the North Pole to take part in the competition, but Hazel finds out that a great disaster puts Christmas in danger as we all know. But this is not the only misfortune, because in the meantime, on the farm, a diabolical lady threatens the lives of their friends.

Here’s how Elliot faces the most difficult choices in the life of an ambitious but tedious trot: to save his friends or to fulfill his dream and save Christmas. But perhaps his choice will be simpler, because, after all, those who dare to have great dreams also find their strength to make them come true.

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