Drunk Parents

Two alcoholic parents try to hide their daughter and their social circle from the growing financial difficulties, through a series of schemes and plans as elaborate as they are destined for failure, but the more more comical.

We present Frank and Nancy Teagarten, a wealthy middle-aged couple with their black and glossy Rover, and their home style and classroom. Now I’m taking my daughter to college on her first day, and I do not fit in skin of pride. But immediately afterwards, hell broke loose. At home they are waiting for an unpaid goods recuperator, and from here everything goes down the valley. So, not to let her daughter go to college, they are starting to look for solutions to get the money. And because the desperate times demand desperate measures, they get their things out for sale in the yard, and … they drink. Alcohol gives them courage, but also solutions, more dubious than the other, to hide their lack of money from everyone.

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