Débarquement immédiat!

French border police officer José Fernandez has a single extradition made before the long-awaited promotion to the forensic department. But his prisoner, Akim, the victim of a miscarriage of justice, is mistaken for a potential terrorist and boarded a plane to Kabul a place where there has never been!

What begins as a routine trip to Fernandez and his partner Guy takes a turn crazy when their plane lands in Malta, having to spend the night together with Akim, who is not given to stop at nothing to escape extradition! Akim constantly badgered, stressed up to the end of work and efforts to reconcile with girlfriend jealous, Fernandez believes that no evil can happen anything. Being stranded in Malta, disasters are racing. Until Akim manages to escape and start a crazy ride punctuated by unexpected complications and explosive.

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