Caliber is a tense, brutal thriller that takes place in rural Scotland. The main characters are Vaughn and Marcus, two of their childhood friends, who reunite for a weekend hunt. Vaughn hesitates, now he is sitting at his home and waiting for a child, while Marcus is anxious and well prepared, or so he thinks. The two reconnect to an alcohol frenzy to the detriment of hostile locals, while frenzy becomes bitter the next day, when the hangover leads to disaster when Vaughn’s deer and shot shoot, turns out to be a child . Panic installs quickly, triggering a chain reaction that feeds lies on lies, and Vaughn and Marcus are unprepared for what follows. This leads to the deterioration of Vaughn’s and Marcus’s own lives as the situation intensifies. The film, though hard to watch at times, is full of tension and a gloomy atmosphere that grows all the time.

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