Billionaire Boys Club

The Billionaire Boys Club (2018) is set in the early 1980s and pursues a group of wealthy boys in Los Angeles, who created a rapid enrichment scam with deadly consequences for them as well as others around them. In the 1980s, Los Angeles, the young and ruthless investor Joe Hunt persuaded his wealthy friends to meet and join his fraudulent investment. Because I feel they do not have enough access to the wealth of their families, his friends agree, and thus forms the “Billionaire Boys Club”, an investment club. Journalist and scammer Ron Levin is approached by Joe to join the team with the promise of an agreement to win a quarter of a billion dollars. He agrees, but betrays them and steals their money. When funds are exhausted, club members resort to kidnapping and murder. Dedicated to a crowd of people and now in criminal prosecution, the club plots to recover their money back from Levin, killing the crook.

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