Alien: Covenant

In space, no one can hear your cry. Four decades later, these words still remain the synonyms of the authentic intensity of Ridley Scott’s futuristic horror masterpiece: Alien. Now the creator of the so-called franchise returns to the universe he created to explore the darkest parts with Alien: Covenant, an adventure that will speed up your heartbeat and test the limits of terror.
Covenant’s predominantly quiet. The crew together with the other 2,000 souls on board are in a deep cryogenic sleep, while a synthetic Walter crosses the corridors by themselves. The ship is heading for the distant Origae-6 planet where, in the distant part of the galaxy, colonists hope to establish a new outpost for humanity. But the settled peace breaks down when a collision takes place near the colony that destroys energy stocks, and the devastating consequences consist of a multitude of casualties, thus deviating the mission from its course.

Soon, the survivors discover what appears to be an unexplored paradise, an undiscovered Heaven’s corner of the cloud-covered mountains and tall trees, much closer to Origae-6, and with a good potential to become ‘home’. But what they have discovered is, in fact, a dark and lethal world, full of hiding places, bends and traps at every turn. Being face to face with a threat that goes beyond any imagination, explorers must try an agonizing escape.

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