The team behind the Babysitting and Babysitting 2 films is back with a new, irreverent comedy. Philippe Lacheau, who in the meantime has become one of the most prolific names of the genre in France, plays Greg, the owner of, ready to offer his clients inspired alibi for them to escape from family life.

Together with Augustin, his associate, and Medhi, his new employee, they develop unbeatable stratagems and staples to cover their clients. Obviously, such occupation is the most fertile ground for unexpected situations.

But when Greg meets Flo, a blond and sexy young woman, but who hates lying men, things begin to complicate, for Greg begins the relationship by hiding the true nature of his work from his face. When Flo takes Greg to present his parents, he has the shock of his life: Gérard, Flo’s father, is also one of his clients …

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