Acts of Violence

Acts of Violence (2018) follows three Midwestern brothers, a criminal and an incorruptible policeman, while in a deadly race when a young woman is kidnapped by a criminal trafficking organization. When his fiancĂ© is abducted by human traffickers, Roman and his former military brothers start looking for it, trying to save her before it’s too late. Along the way, Roman joins Avery, a policeman investigating trafficking in human beings and fighting against corrupt bureaucracy that has destructive intentions. With Avery’s help, Roman and his friends decide to infiltrate the organization that kidnapped the young, where they will have to deal with the evil head of the organization, Max Livingston. To save her, the boys MacGregor appeal to their military training, but also to the power of the family, to fight in the most important battle of their lives. Will they save it before it’s too late?

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