6 Balloons

A disturbing drama, 6 Balloons (2018), follows the story of two brothers who try to keep their relationship, because substance abuse threatens to separate them forever.

The film explores the little things that bind a brother and a sister and how important they really are when they can slip through their fingers so easily. While Katie prepares a birthday surprise party for her boyfriend, her brother Seth and her two-year-old daughter seem to be missing. Seth does not answer the phone, and the look that crosses Katie’s face shows that she knows what that means. When he arrives at the apartment to bring him and Ella to the party, she notices that she has not opened her correspondence. Seth is heroin-dependent and relapsed. He agrees to go to detox, and in one night, along with his two-year-old daughter, Katie roams LA along with her toxic drug-seeker in search of a detox center.

6 Balloons (2018) is a scary drama about what addiction is causing people around a dependent.

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